Ways to Give

Ways to Give

The more diverse our funding sources, the stronger we are as an organization and as a community.
There are many ways to model generosity for the next generation by supporting Sister Schools:

Give Monthly
A monthly donation means that Sister Schools can continue to build communities up today and tomorrow.

Give Now
By making a gift today, you are investing in the next generation of leaders, empowering children to be agents of change in their communities.

Amazon Smile
This small change in your regular online shopping habits would make a lifetime of difference in communities around the world.

Workplace Giving
Many companies make it easy for you to support your favorite charities through payroll deduction and by donating your time or sharing your passion with your colleagues.

                Host a Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook                By creating a Facebook Fundraiser for Sister Schools, you are not only supporting local students but also spreading the gift of generosity to all your friends and family.

Mailing Information
Sister Schools
P.O. Box 99492
Seattle, WA 98139

Give Monthly

Give Now

Amazon Smile

If you have never used Amazon Smile before…

  1. Start by going to www.smile.amazon.com and logging into your regular Amazon Account or making a new one.
  2. Search for Sister Schools when prompted.
  3. Select the Sister Schools organization that is in Seattle, WA and classified under “Primary/Elementary Schools”
  4. Check Yes and start shopping!

If you need to change your Amazon Smile beneficiary…

  1. Start by logging in at www.smile.amazon.com
  2. Click “Accounts & Lists”
  3. Under “Shopping programs and rentals”, select change your charity.
  4. Search for Sister Schools.
  5. Select the Sister Schools organization that is in Seattle, WA and classified under “Primary/Elementary Schools”
  6. Return to shopping!

Sister Schools receives 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases when made through Amazon Smile.  Make sure to bookmark Amazon Smile so you don’t forget!

Workplace Giving

Lots of companies encourage their employees to get involved in their local communities!  In addition to making a donation directly from your paycheck, you and your colleagues can spend a day volunteering for Sister Schools or host an informal Lunch and Learn to share Sister Schools’ mission with your office.

If you are interested in getting your workplace involved in Sister Schools, please reach out to Executive Director Ella McGill at ella@sisterschools.org.


If you or your spouse work at Microsoft, then your donations of time, treasure, and talent can all support local and Ugandan students.  Microsoft makes it easy to donate directly from your paycheck, either one-time or on-going.

Whether you give through payroll deduction or directly to Sister Schools, Microsoft will match 1:1 for every tax-deductible donation made – that means that when you get caught up in the moment and pay $500 for an item valued at $100 during our annual gala, Microsoft will match the $400 over fair market value!

And did you know, that if you volunteer your time at Sister Schools – in the boardroom, on a committee, or sorting donations in the warehouse – Microsoft will actually pay Sister Schools for your time?  For every hour you volunteer, Microsoft will donate $25!


Boeing makes it easy for you to give directly to Sister Schools through the Employees Community Fund.  Boeing pays all administrative costs so 100 percent of every employee dollar helps strengthen local communities.

United Way

Hundreds of local businesses and corporations use United Way to funnel gifts from their employees to the non-profits they support.  Sister Schools is registered with United Way of King County and has benefited from the donations given by employees of Lake Washington School District and UPS.  If your employer partners with United Way, this is an easy way to direct a donation to Sister Schools.  Processing fees apply.

Not Sure if Your Employer has A Program?

Ask around and don’t be afraid to reach out to Sister Schools for help if you need it.


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Click "Accounts & Lists"
Under "Shopping programs and rentals," select change your charity.
Search for Sister Schools
Select the Sister Schools organization that is in Seattle, WA and classified under "Primary/Elementary Schools"
Click "Accounts & Lists"