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Sister Schools’ sponsorship students are an incredible success story. We were able to meet with Martha B, Jupiter, Joshua and Michael on this trip, all of whom are thriving. Martha B and Jupiter both tested so highly on their O-level (similar to US grades 8-11) exams that they were accepted into some of the best schools in the country for their A-levels (similar to US grade 12, plus an additional year). Although at different schools, they are both studying Physics, Chemistry and Biology and hope to continue with medicine or pharmacy at university in two years. Each has made good friends already. We got a real kick out of seeing both of these young women looking strong and confident. Exams are coming up and even though they were happy to see us, they were probably a bit relieved when we left so that they could get back to studying.


Joshua and Michael are in S-4, the top of the O-levels, at the same school. Joshua reveled in telling us the story of their trip to the US, including first experiences with escalators and airplane food. “If I hadn’t met Sister Schools,” Joshua said, it would have been quite hard. Orphanages lack many things. I couldn’t have gone to a good school.” Michael agreed. “Before Sister Schools, I never thought about secondary school. Now I can pay school fees.” (Photo of Martha B to come.)



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