Scholarship Program

SC-02Our Scholarship Program is an excellent opportunity for individuals who desire a more personal, longer term experience helping children in Uganda.

In Uganda, public education does not exist as we know it.  Government support of primary education through the seventh grade consists primarily of paying teacher salaries and providing some assistance with facility construction and a few textbooks.  Most students are required to provide their own school uniform and supplies.  For many Ugandan families this is a significant burden, only about half of Uganda’s children finish primary school.

For a child to continue on to high school (called secondary school in Uganda), families must bear the additional burden of tuition, higher supply costs, fees and often room and board costs.  Ranging from $750 to over $2,000 a year, a quality secondary school education is out of reach for most Ugandan families; many earn less than $450 per year.  Students who manage to complete all six years of secondary school at a quality institution very often qualify for a government scholarship to attend the well respected Makerere University.

Sister Schools accepts cash donations to assist children struggling to continue their education at the secondary level.  We currently sponsor thirteen students at six highly regarded secondary schools.  Donations assist with basic tuition costs, room and board, supplies and even tutoring.  To support the Sister Schools Scholarship Program, simply designate your contribute as scholarship support.  Every dollars can make a difference and when we all give a little, children’s lives in Uganda are changed forever.

If you’d like to sponsor an individual child or would like to know more, please contact us for more information.


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