Samantha Smith Pumpkin Contest

Happy Halloween!

Every Halloween, staff at Samantha Smith Elementary School host a pumpkin carving contest to benefit Sister Schools!  Students bring in their spare change to vote for the winner, in addition to the supplies they collect for Ugandan students.

This year, donations will be used to support COVID-19 programming in Uganda.  The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been easy for any child, but students at many of our local partners are stepping up and reaching out to other communities, whose struggles with the coronavirus have manifested in vastly different ways.  You will help provide:

Educational Materials.  Distance learning looks vastly different in Uganda: there are no virtual classrooms or video lessons.  Tezira, a teacher at Ntawo Primary School,  fears for her students who are already vulnerable: those families that cannot afford access to materials are precisely the ones who need help the most; she is worried that the children who need extra help are going to be left behind.
Basic Food Support.  Parents often relied on schools to provide their child’s only meal for the day.  As weeks have turned into months, children have no choice but to become breadwinners in their families.  Selling produce and collecting clay along busy roadways is dangerous, putting students at risk of car accidents.  Sadly, reports of teen pregnancy and child marriages have spiked as young girls look for jobs outside their homes.

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