The Literacy Program

The Sister Schools Literacy Program was launched in response to a growing need in Ugandan schools: they had no way to store donated supplies safely and accessibly.

While the federal government pays teachers’ salaries and provides an administrative stipend to schools – approximately $2.00 per student per year – the community is responsible for building and maintaining infrastructure.  Especially in rural areas, families lack the resources for even modest construction projects.  A school that holds class under a tree or in a woven grass hut has nowhere to store a year’s supply of pencils, paper, and books – yet these schools needed our support the most.

One of the most heartbreaking experiences for our staff was when we discovered boxes of books, donated by local kids, gathering dust in a corner of the Head Teacher’s office.  This school was lucky enough to have a cement building with a lock on the door – it was the only place they could protect the books from theft, but it also meant they were forgotten about, unused by the kids they were supposed to help.

When Sister Schools realized that this situation was not limited to one school, we had a decision to make: stop accepting donations of books, or find a solution.  Working with local and Ugandan teachers, Sister Schools launched its Literacy Center program in 2008 and now supports Centers at five different schools in the Mukono District of Uganda.


Ntawo's Original Library
The LC Under Construction
Dedicated in Spring of 2019
Ntawo Students Using the Center
Ntawo's Original Library

Literacy Training Trips




Skype Sessions


If you are an educator who is interested in participating in Skype Sessions, please contact Coordinator Liz Silva at


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