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Kellie’s Trip to Uganda

On April 1st I had the incredible honor to accompany Sister Schools to Uganda for 10 days. Even though having conversations with others that have made that trip, I was not truly prepared for the emotional impact. My first meeting was with students from Mukono Boarding School. Pulling into the school my heart was full of love for these beautiful children! The tears started rolling at the sight of their smiling faces, the willingness to be by my side, wanting to hold my hand and the wonder in their eyes longing to know why we were there.

Every school I visited it was the same reaction. The realization that a single pencil to a student is very coveted, along with the pure joy on their faces to receive a brand-new book. As a mom observing the daily tasks by teachers to not only teach these children, but to feed and clothe and assure their daily safety, it made me have so much respect for all of the hard work they do. They take these children in daily with minimal to no supplies, dirt floors, overcrowding, and still take so much pride in their jobs and are extremely grateful for the gifts bestowed upon them by donations from schools in the United States. Saying life in Uganda for families is different than our lives here feels like a total understatement. Upon coming home, I have memories that flood my mind every day.

I think of all of the children all the time and feel very privileged to be a part of this amazing organization called Sister Schools. I hope someday soon to make this voyage again, now with my eyes more open and to bring my husband with me to share this life changing moment. I would like to Thank all of my fellow travelers that embraced me with love and knowledge.

Kellie Eaton
Samantha Smith Elementary

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