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Kampala School and Agape

We visited one of our favorite places yesterday, Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped (KSPH). The school is the only one of its kind in the country and this year serves 142 students with physical and cognitive disabilities.  The school started as a way to educate children with cerebral palsy since the regular schools simply weren’t, and mostly still aren’t, accessible. We watched one bright young woman with better writing than any of us-and she writes with her foot. As with so many aspects of our time in Uganda, meeting young Pauline was inspirational.

KSPH’s vocational program is another inspiration-and we picked up some great products of that inspiration to bring home for October’s Gala. We bought gorgeous tie-dyed fabric yardage, a dozen marvelous hand-made tie-dye alternatives to Hawaiian shirts, aprons, and beaded necklaces. We absolutely love supporting KPSH by purchasing these items and bringing them back for supporters to buy at our auction.

After visiting KSPH, and after fighting end-of-term road traffic to rival anyplace in the world, we spent a little time at Agape, an orphanage and drop-in program serving street youth. The 20 or so children, from toddlers to adolescents, were gracious, fun and happy to be at the end of their school term, too. We’ll look forward to coming back to both places next year.

Toddler at Agape.  She ended up in everyone's arms and in every open box.
Toddler at Agape. She ended up in everyone’s arms and in every open box.




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