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Joy Nakafeero and Her Tailor Shop

The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously had a tremendous impact on the Sister Schools program.  School closures in Western Washington and in Uganda called a halt to our usual programming of supply drives, distribution trips, and presentations.  But we still believe that compassion, service, and social responsibility are vitally important lessons for children and young adults, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

COVID-19 has forced a massive shift in programming here at Sister Schools.  We are looking forward to a future that returns us to supply drives, container shipments, and distribution tours.  We have also been reckoning with the reality of life under lockdown in Uganda.  Coronavirus lockdowns have only exacerbated conditions that force students out of schools.

We’re almost there.  In just two short weeks, 2020 will be behind us – or maybe they’ll be the longest two weeks of the year.  Who knows.  This year has just been like that.

Regardless of how long it takes to get there, it will be nice to “start fresh” with 2021.  Unfortunately, there will be several things following us into the new year – the COVID-19 pandemic, racial tensions, political turmoil.  But we can also choose to take some good things with me in 2021:

I hope that you can take the stories Sister Schools has shared with you into the New Year.  Like of Joy Nakafeero, one of the fifteen women who received a micro-grant from you during our Virtual Gala in October.  When her husband sent her away, she was offered a room at Ray of Hope.  However, the room is very small and is shared with several other women – there’s not enough room to run her tailoring business.  Thanks to you, she can rent a market stall for her shop so she can support her three children.

Hear from Joy and see her room at Ray of Hope in the video below!

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