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Gifts also go from Mukono to Everett

Toys made by Kirawooza students for kids at Forest View. and other found materials.
Toys made by Kirawooza students for kids at Forest View.

Each school visit, whether in Uganda or in the US, is a little different from the others. Yesterday when we visited Kirawooza, a school you’ve been supporting for three years, they surprised us in several ways. One of those ways was that they students and staff gave us a big box of toys that they made and letters that they wrote to bring back to the children at their paired school, Forest View in Everett, as a way to say thanks.

Kirawooza students created over a dozen dolls out of banana leaves and raffia, using markers to make their eyes and scraps of cloth for clothes. One little doll is wrapped with a note, telling us that her name is Peace. The students split more dry banana leaves into strands for braiding jump ropes and winding over packed and shaped plastic bags to form balls. We see children here playing with toys just like these-carefully made by hand, with found materials. In addition to the toys, we’re bringing a pile of letters written by both children and teachers to their new friends at Forest View. Some notes are decorated, some are shaped into envelopes, and all are filled with gratitude and pride. It’s going to be so much fun to share these gifts with the generous school community at Forest View.

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