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Naguru Reception Center and Dwelling Places were the final destinations for Sister Schools’ 2014 Spring Tour. We’ve been working with Dwelling Places for about 15 years, Naguru for over 20. We’ve seen the population of children grow and change, from mostly children orphaned by HIV-AIDS and those directly affected by political violence to runaways and those who have been either abandoned or sent to the streets by their families. The goal of these institutions is primarily to re-unite the children with their families. On the way, they work to re-socialize the children if needed and get them back to, or in, school.

Soon after we arrived, Michael lead the children in a hot game of Simon Says. At Naguru, where there were about 80 children (many more are away at boarding school), he had everyone hopping and bending and jumping and wiggling for a good half-hour before we could finally declare a winner. The smaller population at Dwelling Places, where some students are also still away at school, made for a faster, but no less competitive, game. Mollie stepped in for a second round. At both places, she and David played many games with the children during the picture-taking, much to the delight of all involved.

We picked up a few more items for the African Market at our October Gala, enjoyed a final dinner together with the entire team, and started packing up. Michael will stay in Uganda a few more days to take care of business with Asia; the rest of us will head to Kenya where we’ll meet up with two more Sister Schools supporters for time in Nairobi and on the Maasai Mara. Return visits start the second week of May and we’re so looking forward to showing children back in the USA the huge impact their generosity has made half a world away.

Signs like these are in all staff rooms and offices.
Signs like these are in all staff rooms and offices.


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