The Fernwood Benefit Concert is BACK!

The Fernwood Benefit Concert is BACK!

This incredible tradition is returning to the Northshore Performing Arts Center, 18125 92nd Ave. NE, Bothell, WA 98011.

Please join us on Tuesday, May 31st at 7PM for an incredible evening with Fernwood Elementary School’s own
Ukulele Club, choir, and Bad Monkey Marimba Band!

This year, the panther community will be raising funds to provide COVID-19 hygiene supplies at our Ugandan partners.  When the coronavirus first struck in 2020, Uganda was forced to shutdown all of its schools completely.  There’s no such thing as virtual learning in Uganda, so many children were forced to find work in order to help support their families.  Schools were able to reopen briefly in January 2021, but the Delta and Omicron waves forced closures once again.

When schools reopened in January 2022, many Ugandan children have been out of the classroom for almost two years.  In some districts, it’s estimated that 50% of female students won’t ever return to school.

In order to remain open, Ugandan schools must meet new, strict hygiene requirements.  Without enough handwashing tanks, soap, and temperature guns, they will be forced to close and send their students home.  In a country where only a third of students complete seventh grade, a school closure would be disastrous for their future.

Your gift today will provide life-changing interventions at fourteen primary schools in Uganda – thank you for your generosity!

Sneak Peak!

Fernwood students have been hard at work, rehearsing for next week’s concert – you can check-out some special 360° footage of the Bad Monkeys!  Use your mouse to drag the footage around so you can see all the students as they play!

2020 Digital Concert

In 2020, the Fernwood Community raised over $3,500 to support Ugandan students and teachers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by taking this annual Benefit Concert Digital!  Students, parents, and staff were able to support their friends during this critical time.  We heard a poem, lots of great music – including original compositions – and some truly spectacular jokes from our emcees.

Concert supporters provided over 5,000 meals to students and their families!  While those who live in rural settings are able to provide for themselves and their communities through small-scale farming and family gardens, families at our urban partner schools are struggling to feed themselves.

When schools were forced to shutter, the federal government was only able to supply schools with 5 workbooks each.  Our largest partner school has over 600 students alone!  With less access to newspapers, educational television, and even radio programming, students at our rural partner schools have been falling further and further behind in their studies.  Students at Fernwood provided an additional 1,000 workbooks for students to keep their study skills sharp during the coronavirus pandemic.

Your donations did double-duty, changing lives in Uganda and in the Fernwood Community.  Entire communities were changed thanks to the food and learning packets that you are providing to Ugandan schools.  Even above that, you are modeling generosity and compassion for our local students.  When you heard a call for help, you responded – our children are watching you and will carry your example with them for the rest of their lives.

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