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Everyone gets a backpack!

Asia, our Uganda Coordinator, has been encouraging us to find  a way to get some school supplies directly into students’ hands. This year we printed up drawstring backpacks and filled each (thanks to yeoman efforts by Janet, our warehouse volunteer, who pulled out relevant supplies, and some terrific folks who volunteered for an all-day backpack-stuffing party) with a notebook or paper, pencils, a box of crayons, and a reading book.

Yesterday we gave filled backpacks to students at Mother Care Primary and Takajunge Primary. With the help of the teachers and administration, we put students’ names on the backpacks then gave each excited child her or his own pack. It was awesome! Students and staff were completely thrilled. As we drove away from the second school, we saw two little girls sitting next to each other, reading their books. That’s what Sister Schools is all about. Thanks for making it possible.

Toddlers at Mother Care with their new backpacks.
Toddlers at Mother Care with their new backpacks.

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