Double the Gratitude

The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously had a tremendous impact on the Sister Schools program.  School closures in Western Washington and in Uganda called a halt to our usual programming of supply drives, distribution trips, and presentations.  But we still believe that compassion, service, and social responsibility are vitally important lessons for children and young adults, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

COVID-19 has forced a massive shift in programming here at Sister Schools.  We are looking forward to a future that returns us to supply drives, container shipments, and distribution tours.  We have also been reckoning with the reality of life under lockdown in Uganda.  Coronavirus lockdowns have only exacerbated conditions that force students out of schools.

Evelyn Kenziri

It is hard to believe that it has already been six weeks since our Virtual Gala – it feels like no time at all and yet so much has changed at Ray of Hope Ministries.  Just a few weeks ago, single mothers like Evelyn were struggling to provide for their families.  Before COVID-19, Evelyn carried a jerrycan of milk from house to house, selling it by the cupful.  Her husband left and remarried earlier this year while she was pregnant with their fourth child.

Lockdown measures prevented her from continuing her business and she struggled to provide food for her children.

Thanks to your capital support, Evelyn and fourteen other women are able to restart their businesses and provide for their children!  And she isn’t the only one to say thank you this week – check out the video below to hear thank you from both Evelyn and Emily Hashima, the Director of Ray of Hope Ministries who helped manage the project!


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