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Carol’s View, Part 2

More reflections from board member Carol Lycette…

April 1

Young student from Takkajjunge Primary School
Young student from Takkajjunge Primary School

This afternoon we are going to Takkajunge Primary School to check in with the teachers and video some of the kids sending a message back to our kids in Seattle – I was here last April when we handed out 500 Sister Schools backpacks each containing paper, pencils, pens and a book donated from the children in Seattle. The teachers at Takkajunge had hand written each child’s name on the back packs. The excitement and energy that day had reverberated through the whole school and beyond. It was such a great experience to see the kids reading their books, admiring their new pencils and excited they had new supplies to take home and show their parents. Pure joy.

As we pull into Takkajunge Primary School I don’t seen a single person, not a child, not a teacher or a worker. I think we must have made a mistake and come on a day when school is out of session. The school grounds are immaculate. The walk ways, open areas and play field are neat and tidy, not a thing is out of place, a sign of respect for their space. After we park the van and walk towards the classrooms my heart warms. I can hear the teachers and the children doing their lessons. In one of the classrooms they are studying science, reciting the purpose of plasma and how it works in their bodies. After a little while children in bright blue uniforms come running out of their classes for some recess and play time. Terry, Michael, Duane get some great video of the kids singing and drumming. Wendy and Nadalie had a great conversation with the teachers. All is good in the world.

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