Distribution Tours

Bishop Central & Bishop West

Littlest-Bishop-West-dancer-350x150Three distribution visits today. Visited Bishop Central and Bishop West primary schools this morning. Both schools have new head teachers, Alice and Joy, respectively. Bishop Central averages 60+ students/class, Bishop West has many more. Their smallest class size a 54-person special needs class, including many deaf children.

Since both schools have new head teachers, they weren’t quite sure what Sister Schools was or how the distribution would go-although apparently the old-timers weren’t shy about telling them how it ought to be done. Joy, at Bishop West, decided to use the materials as positive reinforcement. The students at her school were not speaking English when she arrived, and learning English is a requirement to go on to secondary school. Joy’s been writing down the names of children she hears speaking English and will use some of the supplies to reward them and motivate the rest. Joy’s school is the one with the class of disabled students, who are the highest priority for scholastic materials, followed by basic performers. But the generosity of Puget Sound area schoolchildren and their families means that Joy will have lots left over to encourage all Bishop West students to study, and speak, English.

Spent all afternoon at John Kaama Primary, a 246-student school about 30 minutes into the country. Pupils are almost all day students from the surrounding community. Sister Schools has supported John Kaama for many years, including building a resource center and renovating classrooms. The entire team was enchanted by Head Girl Nakasagga Zainah, a 12-year-old charmer who gave the thank-you speech, danced with strength and grace, and was last seen playing netball as we drove off, wearing, as all her teammates were, jerseys and shorts donated by Fernwood Elementary in Bothell.

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