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balls-and-dolls-350x150Michael’s staying on in Uganda a few days to wrap up work with Asia, snap a few final photo items and finish other business. The rest of us-Terry, Janet, Darryl, Wendy-are traveling to Kenya for R&A-rest and animals. Ended our work here today with distribution visits to two orphanages, An Open Door and Agape, and a final buying spree at Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped, where we picked up several stunning lengths of tie-dyed fabric, ceramic bead necklaces, more beads (330, to be exact) for the folks at Fernwood to make into bracelets and sell at their upcoming benefit concert (May 23! Mark your calendars!); and a few more fun items created by KSPH students.

Got stuck in a couple of massive traffic jams, enjoyed samosas and chips for lunch (again), tasted jackfruit and sugarcane, both of which were gifted to us yesterday, along with about 60 more pounds of assorted tropical fruits. Wild rainstorm did NOT knock out the power as we packed everything up. We’re all clean, had our first beer of the evening, and will soon be sitting down for our final meal together. It’s been a successful, invigorating, inspiring and exhausting trip. Can’t wait for next year.

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