About Us

The Story of Sister Schools

Sister Schools teaches compassion, service and social responsibility by partnering students in Washington State
schools with children in Ugandan schools and orphanages.

Through unique and powerful return presentations, our students see the direct impact their specific gifts make in the lives of other children. Whatever their personal situation, our children learn they can make a positive difference in the world.

Sister Schools partners schools in Western Washington with schools and orphanages in Uganda, East Africa. In a compelling yet personal way, our students learn about children whose lives are very different from theirown and gain an appreciation of their individual ability to help others.

Sister Schools is unique in its commitment to impress upon our children the conviction that they have the ability as individuals to effect positive change in the lives of others. In an exceptionally distinctive approach, Sister Schools actually shows our children their specific items being distributed. Our children see the impact they have on others.

Through pictures and stories, the overwhelming difficulties faced by children in Ugandan schools and orphanages is made real. A supply drive is then organized and students are encouraged to participate in ways that are meaningful to them. Both new and used items are accepted.

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