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A Ray of Hope for Emily’s Students

Emily is the director of Ray of Hope Center, one of our partner schools in Uganda. She is doing incredible work to keep children in school, especially when their families can’t afford school fees for regular classes. 

Emily is driven by a deep desire to rescue children. She knows that an education is the best opportunity her students have to escape the cycle of poverty. “School can give them hope for their future,” she says. “School can turn their lives around!” 

When kids aren’t in school, Emily sadly sees them winding up on the streets, and it breaks her heart. She knows that without an education, students will grow into adults without any good options. Worst of all, she knows many young girls will be forced to make unspeakable choices, just to survive.  

At the same time, she knows that many families, especially single mothers, are in an impossible situation. They want to see their children successful in school, but with unstable incomes they can’t bring their school fees all at once. That’s why Ray of Hope works with families to take payments throughout the year, and adjust their fees to what the family can pay.  

In some cases, Emily will even go out and track down her students in town when they don’t show up to school, and bring them back to class even if their families can’t pay any school fees at all. That’s how committed she is to ensuring these precious children stay on track. 

Offering reduced fee, or free classes, is a financial stretch for Ray of Hope. Sister Schools is proud to partner with them to relieve some of the burden by providing the necessary school supplies to keep their classes running.  

Keeping Emily’s students in class is literally changing their lives, and we are so grateful we get to help her help these kids! 

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