A Commitment to Improvement

One of the reasons we’ve maintained our partnership with Mukono Primary School over the years is the commitment of school leadership and staff to continually improve the standards of the school.  Never content to accept the status quo, they’re always looking to maximize their impact on their students.

Over the years, we’ve assisted with several projects at Mukono Primary School but one of my favorites was the girl’s bathhouse.  Back in 2009, about 125 girls were using a dilapidated building that provided little in the way of privacy.  Several schools in our area decided to help out and the result was an entirely new structure.  In true Ugandan fashion, the students at Mukono Primary School put together a thank you for U.S. students that included singing, dancing, speeches and even a play.  For a little taste of what they did, check out the last minute and a half of this video from way back in 2010. The bathhouse still looks as good today as it did then.

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