Literacy Centers

LC-02Literacy Centers are a special way for individuals, businesses or schools to support the efforts of our students during their supply drives while at the same time making a significant, long-lasting contribution to a specific Ugandan school and its community.

Most schools in Uganda struggle to develop and maintain infrastructure.  The government provides little assistance and local communities lack the resources for even modest construction projects, especially in rural areas.  Regardless of the competency of it’s leadership, commitment of its teachers or support of its parents, a school meeting under trees or in grass huts had no facilities to properly use or securely store school supplies.  Despite the fact that we had a container in Uganda with thousands of books and hundreds of boxes of supplies, we were often forced to limit our support of a Ugandan school to a few cases of pencils, some paper, a couple of balls and a box or two of books.  Yet these were the very schools that needed our support the most.  It was a frustrating situation.

LC-01After considerable thought, Sister Schools implemented a construction program to develop and build literacy centers at select Ugandan schools.  These centers are now key components of Sister Schools’ work in Uganda, allowing us to maximize the impact of our assistance in Ugandan schools while at the same time making the best use of supplies donated by U.S. students.  With the help of local businesses and their employees, schools, rotary clubs and generous individuals, we’re currently constructing about one literacy center a year.  More are desperately needed!

Contact us now to discuss ways you, your company, school, club, association or friends can be part of this exciting program.

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