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FY-03Our program is dedicated to giving children a better understanding of the world in which they live and helping them experience the life-changing effect of personally giving to those less fortunate than themselves.

In the fall, Sister Schools staff share pictures and stories of the overwhelming difficulties faced by children in Ugandan schools and orphanages.  A supply drive is then organized for the Ugandan children and our students are encouraged to participate in ways that are meaningful to them.  Some bring school supplies while others bring clothing, sports equipment or other items.  Both new and used donations are accepted.

FY-04By Christmas, the supplies have been collected, packed and shipped to Uganda for delivery in April.  Sister Schools staff oversee the entire process, including the distribution in Uganda.  After the gifts are delivered, Sister Schools staff return to each participating school in the U.S. before the end of the school year.  Every school sees their specific items be disbursed; our children see the difference they’ve made in another child’s life.

Our first year supply drives are a great way to teach students about the needs of others and their own ability to help.  Every child is moved to respond to the needs they see in a different manner and our supply drives offer as many unique opportunities to give as there are children.  In a very personal way our children learn that they, no matter who they are, have the ability to create positive change.

Many of our students have developed a passion for service work after their involvement in Sister Schools programs  …  volunteering in our community and starting projects to make a difference locally  …  like a Teddy Bear Drive for Children’s Hospital, coin drives, book fairs and many more.”
Peggy L., Teacher, Lake Washington School District


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