Uganda Tour 2017

Purple and Green – Kibiribiri Primary School

Tuesday, April 4 – WOW! A great day distributing Sister Schools supplies. We handed out the donated items from Little Cedars Elementary in Snohomish, WA to Kibiribiri Primary School. This is one of my favorite schools because of their smart purple uniforms and bright smiles. The kids at Kibiribiri were amazed at how many items Little Cedars provided and so excited to use them this term. One of the boys, Edwin, came up and promised on behalf of the whole school to use all the supplies with love. They know that they were donated by the Little Cedars children to give them hope and encouragement for a better future. AND, all 512 kids and teachers got a brand-new t-shirt, again compliments of the Murawski family (some were more like dresses on the little ones 😊).

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