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Distribution Tours

First week of distribution

Our first full week of school distribution visits is over. We visited three schools each day, for a total of 12 this week. Some, like Kibiribiri Primary, which we visited today, were first-time visits.  We use that time to get to know the school and leave a few items, such as soccer balls and dictionaries. Others, like St. John Kaama, are schools where we have a long history. Sister Schools has renovated classrooms and built a Literacy Center at St. John Kaama, in addition to bringing school supplies donated by students in the Puget Sound region. As the head teacher said when we left, “Just your being here makes a difference.”

On Saturday, we’ll visit with a group of students who have been orphaned by HIV-AIDS and convene a retreat of sorts with our Ugandan and American teams. We are rarely all together and are looking forward to the opportunity to discuss issues in real time. Sunday, we’ll continue our team dialogue and may visit one of the craft markets to scope out arts and crafts to bring back for the auction.

At each school on our list, and at thousands more, the need is great. It’s gratifying to see how the schools we can support make use of the materials we bring.

Peeling plantains for the teachers' lunch.
Peeling plantains for the teachers’ lunch.
The preschool room at Kbiribiri.
The preschool room at Kbiribiri.
Attentive pre-schoolers at Kibiribiri.
Attentive pre-schoolers at Kibiribiri.

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