Fernwood Goes Digital!

Fernwood Goes Digital!

The Fernwood Community has raised over $3,500 to support Ugandan students and teachers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  By taking their annual Benefit Concert digital, students, parents, and staff were able to support their friends during this critical time.  We heard a poem, lots of great music – including original compositions – and some truly spectacular jokes from our emcees.

Your donations are doing double-duty, changing lives in Uganda and in the Fernwood Community.  Entire communities will be changed thanks to the food and learning packets that you are providing to Ugandan schools.  Even above that, you are modeling generosity and compassion for our local students.  When you heard a call for help, you responded – our children are watching you and will carry your example with them for the rest of their lives.


With the rising cost of food, teachers are struggling to feed their families.  Villages are especially impacted, as government support is slow to reach outside the city centers.  But the greatest concern of educators is for their students – not only are they too struggling with food insecurity, but without access to the scholastic materials Sister Schools provides, struggling students risk falling further behind.

Most families, especially those in the villages, have no access to television or the internet, leaving newspapers as their only available reading materials.  Even at $.54 a paper, these already struggling communities cannot afford them on a regular basis, let alone through a crisis.

You can catch a rerun of this event at any time through Microsoft Teams.  Click on the photo to the left to be taken to the portal.

If you are accessing the event on a PC or Mac, you may choose to view the concert through the Teams app or through your web browser.  If you are viewing the concert on your Android phone, you may download the free Teams app or go to the “3 dots” on the upper right hand corner of your screen and select “desktop event.”

Need help accessing Teams?  Please see these screenshots!


Music specialist Katherine Berry and her students at Fernwood Elementary School have always gone above and beyond when responding to the needs of Ugandan students.  Not only have they participated in nine supply drives, but for the past 13 years they have hosted a Benefit Concert to fund special projects and programs in Uganda.  From bathhouses and desks to Literacy Centers at Mukono Board School and Lutengo Primary School, Fernwood students have always stepped in with compassion and music for their fellow children.


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