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Evaluating Progress

This week, Nadalie and Wendy have time to interview the head teachers while the rest of the team-Terry, Michael, Carol and Duane-capture children’s speeches and dances on videotape. The interviews are a way for us to evaluate our program. Each year we gather quantitative data, such as performance on Primary 7 leaving exams, enrollment, and proportion of students who go on to secondary school. This year we have the time to gather more qualitative data, too.  We’re collecting written answers to questions regarding the impact of Sister Schools. Asia sent the questions to  head teachers several weeks ago and their answers are thoughtful and enlightening.  As we talk to the head teachers, we’re learning more about what they really would like (for example, poster paper so that they can create charts comes up again and again). We’re also hearing stories about students who have been particularly impacted by Sister Schools, such as the stories below…

Joel was an older student who started P2 at Kjetume at age 13. Joel didn’t know how to read. Because Sister Schools has provided so many books,  Joel has learned to read and is now in P4. He will stay in school through P7, which would not have happened without support from Sister Schools.

At Mother Care Primary, the head teacher gives nursery students books to take home over the weekend, instead of homework. Their parents like that. They’re developing a reading culture at Mother Care. Agatha, Head Teacher at Takajjunge, says, “I give pencils and pens to the pupils twice a term. I don’t even know how I can describe it.”

There are changes at every school-more excitement about reading, more children in school, even more excited teachers. A little goes a long way here and everyone says, “we are

Nursery students at Kibiribiri
Nursery students at Kibiribiri


Girls from Kibiribiri baby class
Girls from Kibiribiri baby class

most grateful.”

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