End of Year Giving


A pencil. It seems like such a small thing. In Uganda, it can be a child’s ticket out of poverty – the difference between getting an education and getting sent home. Primary schools are free in Uganda, through seventh grade, but most schools receive little or no funding for school supplies. Since the average Ugandan lives on less than $1.25 a day most families can’t afford pencils and pens and paper. When their children show up empty handed they are often sent home. Many never return and they those that want to cannot until they have school supplies. 

Sister schools has been righting that wrong for more than two decades- one pencil, one child at a time.


Sister Schools partners with schools in Washington State, coordinating supply drives for students in Uganda. Our children collect pencils and pens, erasers and chalk, paper and crayons, books and clothes. Over the past two decades, we have given more than 100,000 Ugandan children at over 125 schools more than 200 tons of school supplies. 

What starts with a supply drive becomes a lesson about the true meaning of giving. When students watch the slideshow and see bright smiles on the faces of children who receive their gifts, their eyes open to the world in a way they’ve never seen before. Our children begin to understand what a vital role they can play in making life better for others. That’s what philanthropy is all about. 

“I used to see the world as full of goodies to get. Now I see it as full of gifts to give.”  – Morgan Carter, Sister Schools alumna


When you give to Sister Schools, you make a profound difference in the lives of children half a world away and right here at home.

“Because of your generosity, we have new hope for the future. Giving a gift to someone who can never repay you…that’s real love.”  – Primrose, student at Mokono Boarding School, Uganda

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