Distribution Tours

Distribution Begins

Terry and Michael, with help from Uganda staff Asia and William, delivered hundreds of boxes of school supplies last week in preparation for official distribution visits this week. Our first formal distribution visits were today. We brought supplies to one second-year school, a first-year school and left some token items at a new-to-us school that we will consider for more support next year. As always, the children are incredibly curious about us. We can almost read their thoughts–Who are these people who look so different? (We work in villages where we are often the first non-Africans these children have ever seen.) Why are they bringing us presents?

Even in classrooms crammed with 150 students, these young scholars are dedicated and hard-working. They work very hard every day to get the most out of their education, and their teachers work as hard, or harder, making sure that they do. Teachers are resourceful and students are appreciative. There simply is no waste. It’s deeply fulfilling to see the impact that Sister Schools has in these communities.

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